What is Chotapeg?

chotapeg, a noun: cho-ta-peg


Chotapeg is here to give you a light-hearted place to chat, meet, laugh, learn, share and relax with other like-minded grandparents.


We know that increasingly grandparents are asked to help out with looking after their grandchildren. Whether this be looking after a little one in the day whilst parents are working, dropping off and picking up from school, taking them to their swimming lessons or more casual babysitting, grandparents are more involved with their grandchildren than ever before.


Traditionally Chotapeg means a small drink, usually consumed at the end of the day but we refer to it as your daily dose of relaxation… what you do with your time once the grandchildren are back home safe and sound and your time is yours.


So what’s your Chotapeg?


A glass of red, a nice leisurely walk, chatting to your friends, browsing Facebook, reading a book, listening to music, gardening or something else?


Whatever your Chotapeg we aim to provide you with that little bit of relaxation and light-hearted fun that you may need at the end of a busy day with your little cherubs!